Schinkels’ Gourmet Meats buys their beef from Cargill Meats. All the beef comes from the province of Alberta. Schinkels’ buys from Cargill, mainly because it is the most consistent, the best quality, and flavour. All of our beef is “AA” or higher quality. We find it carries the best flavour, marbling, and very tender.

  • Lean Ground Beef – 90% lean
  • Medium Ground Beef – 80 – 85% lean
  • Stewing Beef
  • Rump Roast
  • Prime Rib Roast
  • Brazing Ribs
  • Top Sirloin
  • Eye of the Round
  • Flank Steaks
  • Round Steaks
  • Minute Steaks
  • Sirloin Steaks
  • T-bone Steak
  • New York Strip Loin Steaks
  • Rib Steaks
  • Ribeye Steaks
  • Beef Tenderloin (Filet Mignon)

Please note that all beef steaks and roasts, can be cut to any thickness, or weight. Just ask.

Lamb Chops available – (Holidays) – leg & bone-in legs.

Certified Canadian Angus Beef.
Certified Angus beef is “AAA” quality. This meat has been aged more than the regular beef, and this provides better flavour, and marbling throughout the steak, and is very tender.

Deli Meats

Schinkels’ Legacy has been making homemade lunch meats and sausages for years, which are Gluten-Free, Lactose Free, No MSG, No By Products.


  • Summer Sausage: Very mild, basic salami
  • German: Mild flavour, plain soft salami
  • Hungarian: Similar to the German, but a little harder, but mild dry salami.
  • Gypsy: A much more spicier salami when compared to German and Hungarian, a very popular salami.

Lunch Meat:

  • Honey loaf: A sweet lunch meat.
  • Keilbossa Loaf
  • Mock Chicken
  • Garlic Bologna: Schinkels’ famous award winning bologna, a very popular product.
  • Roast Beef
  • Black Forest Ham: Lean lunch meat, Schinkels’ has won many awards for our ham over the years.
  • Oven Roasted Turkey
  • Honey Ham: Close to Black Forest Ham, but a little sweeter.
  • Bier Salami: A popular lunch meat it contains bier seeds.
  • Cooked Ham
  • Oven Roasted Pork LoinSchneider’s Dry Salami
  • Schneider’s Bologna

Schinkels’ Gourmet Meats prides in our store sliced bacon. We have won many awards with our bacon. Try it and you’ll never go back to anyone else’s. We carry peameal bacon also.

You might also be interested in our Keilbossa Coil, Polish Coil and Keilbossa Stick.

Our own homemade pepperettes: mild, hot, or Jalapeno.


From the very beginning, Schinkels’ has purchased its pork from Weston’s Abattoir, located just outside of Windsor, Ontario. They are known to provide Ontario’s Finest Pork.

Just ask for our different cuts.

  • Side Ribs
  • Back Ribs
  • Pork Steak
  • Center Cut Pork Chops
  • Butterfly Pork Chops
  • Smoked Pork Chops
  • Pork Cutlets
  • Pork Ribeye
  • Boneless Pork Loin Roast
  • Pork Roast
  • Stuffed Pork Roast
  • Cubed Pork
  • Ground Pork
  • Pork Tenderloin

Please note that all pork steaks, roasts, and chops can be cut to any thickness, or weight. Just ask.


Schinkels’ Gourmet Meats makes sausages daily. We make several kinds which include:

  • BBQ: Flavour not spicy
  • Honey and Garlic: Sweet, yet flavourful
  • Caribbean Jerk: Very hot and spicy
  • Chorizo: Spicy and hot
  • Country Style Coil: Plain basic sausage
  • Breakfast Sausage and Patties: Plain
  • Spinach & Feta Chicken
  • Chipotle Feta
  • Curry Mushroom
  • Pizza Sausage
  • Garlic & Leek
  • Ukranian
  • Bratwurst

We also carry a variety of smoked and pre-cooked sausages. Available in our self serve counter:

  • Mild BBQ
  • Hot BBQ
  • Smokies
  • Ballpark Hotdogs: Award Winning! Available in packages of 8, a 5 lb. bag (25 hotdogs), or a 10 lb. box (50 hotdogs).
  • Regular Wieners: Available in individually or 10 lb. box (100 hotdogs)
  • Octoberfest Sausage: Available in 1. lb (4 sausages), or 5. lb (20 sausages).


Schinkels’ buys their chicken from Barron Poultry. We feel that they provide the finest chicken in quality and flavour.

  • Frying Chickens
  • Roasting Chickens
  • Chicken Legs
  • Bone-In Chicken Breast
  • Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
  • Split & Whole Chicken Wings

Turkeys, Ducks and Geese at certain times of the year. Please ask.

Fresh Fish

Wednesday through Saturday only, we will have fresh fish in our store for your convenience. Our selection can differ from week to week.

  • Yellow Perch
  • Salmon
  • Pickerel
  • Tilapia
  • Salmon Kabobs
  • Rainbow Trout